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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

Three dead in Indian 'Tibet' bomb

April 4, 2008

BBC News
Thursday, 3 April 2008

A powerful explosion has ripped through a house in the Indian state of
West Bengal, killing at least three people.

A police chief said the dead have not yet been identified, but that they
may be Tibetans.

The owner of the house, in the town of Siliguri, said that it was rented
by a Tibetan exile who said he was using it in connection with a
computer business.

But the police maintained that after the blast they recovered a large
quantity of explosives and detonators.

They say that timers were also discovered.

Police said those killed were perhaps members of an underground group
who had rented the house by providing false identities.

The BBC's north-east India correspondent says that Siliguri - in the
north of the state of West Bengal - has been used as a base or transit
point for a number of rebel groups.

Local Kamtapuri tribesmen who want a separate state in northern Bengal
are believed to have a presence there, as do Nepalese and Indian Maoists.

Tibetan exiles have a huge presence in the town and in the nearby hills
of Darjeeling and Kalimpong.
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