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Is it ethical to boycott Beijing?

April 5, 2008

Our ethical columnist discusses the Beijing Olympics

Ethan Greenhart
Spiked, UK
Friday 4 April 2008

Dear Ethan,

I am truly bamboozled! I thought boycotting the Olympics was a
no-brainer, but then the Dalai Lama said we shouldn’t boycott them. He
says we should all go along and enjoy ‘the Olympic spirit’, whatever
that is. Who’s right, Ethan – my inner rebel telling me to boycott or
the man who is NORMALLY the voice of reason, Mr Dalai Lama?

Jules Hardy

Dear Jules,

I know how you feel. The Dalai Lama used to be my hero, too. I have long
admired his steely-cum-giggly determination to preserve Tibet as a
spectacular showcase for the green way of life over brutal, teeming,
overcrowded, smoggy, Chinese modernity.

When the Lama and his monks ran Tibet there were no banks and big
businesses and new-fangled railway lines carrying depressed men in suits
to soul-destroying jobs at the top of glinting skyscrapers (why man
thinks he has the right to ‘scrape’ the sky, I shall never fathom)… no,
there was just arable land and monasteries.

The vast majority of people worked on the arable land, bent over double
in honour and supplication to nature (like me on my Kent allotment!),
and paid the monks handsomely for the privilege of doing so. It was a
pure and seamless system, a bit like an army of ants (ordinary Tibetans)
working to preserve and impress the Queen Ant (the monks)! The world
could learn so much from ancient Tibet – instead it turns a blind eye as
China ruthlessly builds corner-shops, cities, factories, shark-fin-soup
takeaways, nightclubs, universities (!!), carphone warehouses, gambling
dens, whorehouses and commits various other Grimes Against Humanity on
that once-pristine patch of land.

However, the Dalai Lama is wrong with a capital W to say we shouldn’t
boycott the Olympics. In fact, this is the worst mistake he has made
since he guest-edited French Vogue; it’s possibly worse than when he
bought a Land Rover (what were you thinking, Dal??!) and then auctioned
it for $80,000 on eBay. In fact, his pro-Olympics outburst has even got
me wondering if he really is the current incarnation of the long line of
Tulkus Buddhist masters who choose of their own free will to be reborn
to this plane in order that they might continue teaching humanity, or if
the monks who selected him back in 1937 knocked on the wrong door.

Jules, not only is it ethical to boycott the Olympics, it is essential.
And that is why I have set up a Facebook campaign group called ‘Boycott
the Nazi, Polluting, Poisonous, Coal-Fuelled, Smoggy Olympics’. Here are
10 reasons why every decent ethical soul should take a stand against
these monstrous ‘Games’.

1) The smog in Beijing is so bad that most people can’t see three inches
in front of their faces. Any athlete who runs, jumps or throws javelins
in such smoky surroundings will die instantly and turn to dust.

2) China is insanely genocidal. Its soldiers massacre thousands of
people every day in Darfur in a frenzy of killing that makes the Nazi
Holocaust look like the hokey-cokey. China also trades with African
dictators without first employing Bono to draw up good governance
guidelines. Extraordinary. Just extraordinary.

3) China builds TWO COAL-FIRED POWER STATIONS A WEEK!!!! What madness is
this? Digging for coal should be made into an international Grime
Against Humanity, and the billions upon billions of Chinese people who
work in the coal industry should be hauled before The Hague.

4) China puts spikes and magnets into the trillions of toys it churns
out of its smog-producing factories in order to poison Western children,
whom it fears and loathes. Any athlete who steps foot in Beijing is
implicitly supporting the mass murder of American and European kids by
China’s wicked factory-workers.

5) China has massively overpopulated the planet. No country needs 1.6
billion people! Even 1.6 million is far too many. Clearly the
wishy-washy one-child policy has not worked, and China must with haste
recruit Britain’s own Jonathon Porritt and the Optimum Population Trust
to advise it on how to reduce its population by 92.8 per cent in the
next seven-and-a-half years.

6) Chinese sports educators are cruel and ruthless. They put newborn
babies on to torture racks in order to elongate their limbs for the
purpose of throwing hammers later in life, and they stuff other kids
with pills that stunt their growth in order to make them into perfect
little gymnasts. If you don’t believe me, get a copy of The Protocols of
the Elders of Beijing and read it NOW – it’s shocking.

7) The Chinese EAT DOGS! (Or is that the Koreans?)

8) The Chinese continually and spitefully undermine decent Western
people’s efforts to preserve ancient African cultures. This includes my
friend Poppy DeBonviere-Hoare who runs a brilliant charity in Botswana
called ‘Cutlasses Against Climate Change’, which educates Africans that
it is far better to use physical labour, hoes and, of course, cutlasses
to produce cocoa rather than machinery (or as she taught them to call
it: ‘the white man’s devil gadgets’!) What did the Chinese do? They came
along and built a cigarette factory, and all the cutlass workers frigged
off and got jobs there instead! In one fell swoop (or one foul swoop)
automaton Chinese businessmen brainwashed poor Africans who don’t know
any better, built a smog-producing factory, and robbed my friend Poppy
of her purpose in life.

9) China imprisons journalists! And no one should ever be imprisoned for
what they think, say or write – unless, of course, they are knowingly
and wilfully denying the unquestionable truth about climate change, in
which case, as my good friend Mark Lynas says, they will ‘one day have
to answer for their crimes’ at ‘future international criminal tribunals’.

10) China shamelessly celebrates ‘the Olympic spirit’. You ask what that
is, Jules – well, it is the insane celebration of human hubris which
popularises the idea that men are gods perched upon Mount Olympus rather
than recognising the reality that we are scum in Gaia’s gutters. In
showcasing how ‘wonderful’ men are at running, leaping and punching
seven shades of Jesus out of each other, the Beijing Games will further
blind us to the fact that we are little more than an Olympian plague on
the planet.

So, Jules, waste not a single minute – get over to Facebook now and sign
up to my ‘Boycott of the Nazi, Polluting, Poisonous, Coal-Fuelled,
Smoggy Olympics’

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