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US interested in setting up Tibet consulate

April 11, 2008

WASHINGTON 10 April 2008 (AFP) — The US State Department would like to
set up a consulate in Tibet where China so far has allowed limited and
insufficient access to US diplomats, Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice
said Wednesday.

"We are looking at the possibility of a consulate in Tibet," Rice told
the Senate Appropriations Committee.

The United States "has been very active in making the case to the
Chinese that they are going to be better off to deal with moderate
forces on Tibet like the Dalai Lama, that they should open a dialogue
with him," she added.

Rice told the committee that the United States "pressed for consular
access for diplomats into Tibet. We got some limited access, but frankly
it wasn't good enough."

Commenting on the possibility of a consulate in the capital Lhasa, she
said "it's on the internal list to take a look (at) when we could do it."

Violence erupted in Tibet on March 14 after days of peaceful protests in
Lhasa against 57 years of Chinese rule and quickly spilled over into other
parts of China inhabited by Tibetans.

Exiled Tibetan leaders say 150 people have died in the Chinese crackdown
on the demonstrations. China insists it has acted with restraint and
killed no one, while blaming Tibetan "rioters" for the deaths of 20 people.

Washington has repeatedly urged China to act with restraint against
protestors there and open a dialogue with Tibet's spiritual leader, the
Dalai Lama.
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