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EU parliament condemns Chinese "brutal repression" in Tibet

April 11, 2008

 From Monsters and
Asia-Pacific News
Apr 10, 2008

Brussels - The European Parliament Thursday passed a resolution
condemning the 'brutal repression' by China in last month's crackdown on


The resolution also said the 27 EU countries should adopt a common
stance on whether to boycott the opening ceremony of the Beijing- hosted

Olympic Games in August.

The resolution, carried by a large majority, urged EU leaders to adopt a
united stance on Tibet, including the option of boycotting the opening


It also called on China to begin a dialogue with the exiled Tibetan
spiritual leader the Dalai Lama by August, and urged a UN inquiry into
the events in

Tibet last month.

The parliament has no decisive influence on EU foreign policy. But the
resolution was nevertheless seen as exerting strong pressure on EU

governments to take a tougher line towards China.

The parliament's president, Germany's Hans-Gert Poettering, declared
that MEPs wanted the Olympics to be successful, it was essential for
this that

China recognised Tibetans' cultural and religious identity, and
guaranteed free and fair reporting before and during the Games.
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