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500 Tibetan protesting near Chinese Embassy detained, Nepalese police say

April 20, 2008

The Associated Press
Thursday, April 17, 2008

KATMANDU, Nepal: Nepalese police detained more than 500 Tibetan exiles
who protested near the Chinese Embassy in Katmandu on Thursday, police said.

The 505 Tibetans included Buddhist monks and several women, police
official Sarbendra Khanal said.

It was the largest number of Tibetans detained in Nepal's capital since
Tibetan exiles began almost daily protests last month against a Chinese
crackdown following riots in Tibet.

About 50 protesters came out Thursday afternoon in Katmandu chanting
anti-China slogans, and a slightly larger group came an hour later. The
largest group appeared late in the afternoon.

Police broke up the demonstrations and detained participants.

The detained Tibetans had not been charged and police were waiting for
top government officials' orders on handling them, Khanal said.

Most protesters detained in similar protests in recent weeks have been
freed the same day. Khanal said he was not sure when the latest
detainees would be freed.

Nepalese officials have said they will not allow any protests against
any friendly nations, including China.

Tibetans have held frequent protests in front of Katmandu's U.N. office
and the Chinese Embassy.

Security has been tightened around the embassy. Hundreds of police have
been posted in streets leading to the mission.

Nepal has been criticized by international groups including the United
Nations for allegedly using excessive force against protesters. Police
officers have beaten them with batons and dragged them along the streets.

Police appeared to have scaled back the use of force in rounding up
protesters in the past week, however.
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