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K.D. lang joins pro-Tibet protesters

April 25, 2008

Sarah Smiles, Canberra
The Age
April 24, 2008

Canadian singer k.d. Lang has called on China to enter talks with the
Dalai Lama after joining protests against the Olympic torch relay in
Canberra today.

She took time out from her Melbourne tour to join throngs of pro-Tibetan
protesters barricaded outside Parliament House.

Rising on a soapbox before cheering crowds with her hands pressed
together in a traditional Buddhist greeting, the softly-spoken Lang
called on the Chinese Government to enter into dialogue with the Dalai Lama.

"The (Olympic) torch symbolises harmony ... and the celebration of human
spirit," said the singer, wearing a grey cardigan and geek-girl glasses.

"This is a perfect opportunity, a wonderful opportunity for us to
express our concern with human rights and the atrocities that are
happening in China. Not just to the Tibetan people but to the Chinese
people. Not just to Buddhists, not just to Chinese Christians, but also
to Chinese Muslims."

Lang - famous for the 1992 hit Constant Craving - is among a host of
celebrities championing the Tibetan cause, including the Beastie Boys,
Bjork and Richard Gere.

She recently praised Prime Minister Kevin Rudd for raising concerns
about the violent crack-down in Tibet with the Chinese Government.

Gesturing to the crowds of pro-China protesters outside Parliament House
chanting "one China forever", Lang said she "prayed" they would
recognise "the struggles that we go through".

She called on the Chinese Government to allow allow the Red Cross and
Doctors Without Borders into Tibet to help people injured in the recent
violent crack downs.

Lang said she was passionate about the issue because she was a
practising Tibetan Buddhist.

"But it's a bigger issue, it's a human rights issue," she said.

"The Tibetan heritage is one that's steeped in compassion and peace ...
it's an ancient tradition that really makes our globe a richer place.

"When we let a culture like Tibetan die, we lose as human beings. A
light goes out, it's our loss. So it's really important to all people of
all faiths to protect it."

Lang plays in Melbourne tonight and will then tour Adelaide, Brisbane
and Sydney.

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