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China not happy with handling of Tibetan protests

May 14, 2008

Kantipur Report (Nepal)
May 13, 2008

KATHMANDU, May 13 - Expressing serious dissatisfaction over the ongoing anti-China protests unleashed by Tibetans in Kathmandu, Chinese Ambassador to Nepal Zheng Xianglin on Monday urged the Nepal government to adopt strict measures to curb such "separatist activities".

"I hope the Nepal government can honestly carry out its commitment and not allow these anti-Chinese activities to happen so rapidly in Nepal," Zheng said at a program.

He also said that the government should adopt severe measures to curb these handful of Tibetan separatists. The ambassador's remarks -- unusual in that they were aired in public -- came despite Nepal Police personnel's severe handling of protestors. Most international TV channels continually show police personnel kicking and beating protestors, be they men or women, young or old.

Expressing displeasure at the role played by the government of Nepal in stopping the two-month long anti-China activities unleashed by Tibetans, the Chinese envoy dubbed it a drama staged under the directives of foreign elements.

"The government cannot arrest and release them," he said at a program organized by Reporters' Club Nepal.

He also claimed that Nepal has been receiving tremendous pressure from some international groups and UN agencies and human rights organizations have provoked the situation.

"UN Agency staff were present at every demonstration that occurred, I don't know what is the purpose of human rights organizations in Nepal," he said. "Are they here to supervise the human rights of Tibet?"

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