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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

Letter: China unfairly taking brunt of criticism

May 16, 2008

Victoria News, British Columbia (Canada)
May 14, 2008

I find the current anti-Chinese rhetoric disturbing, not that the
Chinese government has not done wrong, but because China seems to be
singled out with such ferocity and bias.

The Chinese have been called monsters, savages and Nazis. Local
publications don't show photos of Tibetans including priests hurling
rocks, of shops being burnt or civilians beaten to death. The Dalai
Lama has repeatedly threatened to resign if his followers continued
with violent protests, so obviously there has been violence, yet the
myth persists here that the protests were entirely peaceful.

Photos of Nepalese police beating Tibetan protesters have been
labeled "Chinese" brutality. Doubtlessly Canada is more free than
China ­ I'm a proud Canadian ­ but I wonder what would the RCMP do if
Quebec separatists attacked English speakers?

Anti-China protesters in France who assaulted a physically-challenged
female athlete carrying the Torch have been called 'heroes' here.

If the Chinese assaulted a French girl in a wheelchair I wonder what
they would say? No one mentions the French brutally colonized
Indochina and the British invaded Tibet in 1903, slaughtering hundreds.

More recently their savage conflicts have arisen in Tibet's
neighbours Kashmir and Nepal yet not one protests. In Iraq there are
90,000 dead, no weapons of mass destruction and Abu Ghraib. Elsewhere
Canadians are kidnapped and tortured by Americans, yet no talk of
"boycott America."Instead we roll out the red carpet.

People talk of "genocide" in Tibet yet four million tourists visited
Tibet last year. How many visited Iraq?

On the Sudan issue, Chinese oil companies there are partly funded by
westerners, including Canadians. American Warren Buffett was one of
the largest stockholders.

I am not criticizing America or protecting the Chinese communists --
my grandmother's entire family were executed by communists years ago.
But I find disturbing the double standards and bias. Protest against
all injustice not just China.

Ben Fong

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