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China defers Kailash pilgrimage

May 21, 2008

BS Reporter
Business Standard
May 20, 2008

New Delhi -- China has deferred the annual pilgrimage of Kailash
Mansarovar in Tibet which was to begin from June 1, in view of the
devastating earthquake in Siachuan province.

The Chinese government has told the ministry of external affairs that
due to "domestic conditions" it was impossible for them to receive
the pilgrim before June 21.

Following this the MEA has cancelled the visit of the first batch of
pilgrims, who would have started their journey to have a darshan of
the Mount Kailash and a cimcumbulation of the Lake Mansarovar, on June 1.

Mount Kailash and Mansarovar are considered sacred by Hindus,
Buddhists and Jains alike, who undetake this arduous pilgrimage each
year from India. The Chinese government makes all the arrangements
for the pilgrimage. The pilgrims have to pass medical fitness test to
be eligible for the trek. Also the number of pilgrims is restricted.

The pilgrims have a darshan of the Kailash, and circumfabulate about
52-kms circumfrence of the Lake in cold desert conditions.

The pilgrim would now start from June 21. A MEA spokesperson said
that New Delhi was trying to persuade Beijing to accomodate the first
batch of pilgrims, who were scheduled to leave on June 1.
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