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Blood Donation to Nepal Red Cross

May 22, 2008

By Tenzin Choephel, Phayul Correspondent
May 21, 2008

Kathmandu May 19 - The Nepal Tibetan Solidarity Forum organized a blood donation program in aid of Nepal Red Cross Society at Khula Manch, Tundikhel today to express their unwavering solidarity with fellow Tibetans in Tibet in their fight for truth, freedom and justice. The campaign saw participation from over 120 people out of whom 83 were deemed fit to donate a pound of their blood. The participants included Tibetan officials, RTYC Executives, journalists, monks, nuns, general public and some Nepalese locals.

One donor, RTYC Executive Norbu Gyaltsen told Phayul, "I hope my blood donation will help those injured in Tibet, I am ready to give my blood, life or anything for my country". Former RTYC President Tenzin Wangdu, Boudha Jorpati Tibetan Welfare Officer Dhondup Tsering and Tibetan journalist Tsetan were among the donors.

Tsetan told Phayul, "This donation will help Nepalese, I am doing this as a gratitude for them and this is also in solidarity with our brethrens in Tibet".

Many of the donors were Tibetans who have been taking part in the recent protests against China in Kathmandu. Among them, over a dozen monks and nuns donated blood today some of whom are originally from Dingri and Nyalam County near Mount Everest in South Central Tibet. There was no protest reported from these areas. They explained while talking to Phayul that due to the torch relay on Everest and these areas' close proximity to the border, an additional 10,000 soldiers had been deployed in the region.

One of the monk Lobsang Zodpa who has taken part in almost every protest in Kathmandu said, "My hometown Nyalam County is being isolated from outside, during my last telephone conversation with my family, they said authorities in our place have warned people to refrain from talking to relatives or friends outside Tibet, or if they pass information to face severe punishment". He also said that people in his region could not protest because after the unrest in Lhasa, Kham and Amdo, there was extra security deployed and people were suppressed before they could do anything.

The reasons for participating in all the protest here in Kathmandu he explains, "Is to protect my country, people and culture and to make them stop killing in Tibet". According to him one man Tenpa from his county who returned to Tibet a week after sending his son to school in India has been arrested and disappeared, his father who holds a government job was fired and the family has been denied of government housing grant.

Another monk Khedup who protested in Kathmandu six times told Phayul, "Chinese are killing and torturing many Tibetans in Tibet, I am protesting against China to stop this inhumane atrocity and restore the rights of our fellow Tibetans in Tibet."
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