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Tell IOC: No Torch Through Tibet!

June 7, 2008

US-Tibet Committee
JUne 4, 2004

Dear Members:

The Executive Board of the International Olympic Committee (IOC) will
meet in Athens this week, from June 4-6, for the last time before the
Beijing Olympics in August, and just days before the Olympic torch is
scheduled to make its first stop in Tibet. This is a our final
opportunity to pressure the IOC to cancel the entire Tibet leg of the
torch relay. We are also calling on the IOC to hold the Chinese
government accountable to its promise of media freedom in the lead up
to and during the Olympic Games.

Tibet support groups are in Athens this week, drawing attention to
the negative repercussions the Olympic torch is already having in
Tibet. Join them in taking action!

On Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday, call the hotel where the IOC
Executive Board members are staying (the Athens Hilton), and ask to
leave a short message for one of the key IOC members below, or fax a
short message to their attention at the hotel.

- Ask them to stop the torch from going to Tibet
- Ask them to stand up for media access to Tibet

Telephone at the Athens Hilton: +30 210 7281000 / Fax: +30 210 7281111

Mr. Jacques Rogge, President of the Executive Board (Belgium)
Mr. Thomas Bach, Vice-President of the Executive Board (Germany)
Mr. Gerhard Heiberg, Executive Board Member (Norway)
Mr. Denis Oswald, Executive Board Member (Switzerland)
Mr. Richard L. Carrión, Executive Board Member (Puerto Rico)
Mr. Sam Ramsamy, Executive Board Member (South Africa)
Mr. Gilbert Felli, Executive Director of the Olympics Games (France)
Mr. Kevan Gosper, Chairman, IOC Press Commission (Australia)

You can also phone, fax, or email the IOC members at their offices.
Click here for contact information:

Thank you for your support of Tibet and US Tibet Committee.
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