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Four Bheri Monks Arrested

July 2, 2008

Press Release
Tibetan Solidarity Committee
Central Tibetan Administration
June 30, 2008

According to reliable sources, two monks of Bheri monastery in Karze
county were on June 24 arbitrarily arrested for their alleged
involvement in graffiti calling for Tibet's independence, that was
found written on the walls of the monastery. The monks, Kalsang Yeshi
927) and Tashi Dhondup (30) had earlier on June 13 - 14 resisted the
activities of patriotic education work team that demanded from each
monk of Bheri monastery to denounce His Holiness the Dalai Lama.
Before the arrest the Chinese security forces searched the monks'
quarters for incriminating materials.

The same day, Chinese authorities also arrested another two monks
from the same Bheri monastery. The monks, Gatruk Dorje (41) and
Wangchuk Dorje (39) were blamed of having setting alight a nearby
Bheri Bridge on the Zachu (Ch: Yangtse) river. The situation in the
monastery is tense and repressive.

In our Press Release of June 2, we had informed about the release in
early May of some monks and nuns of Ganden Choekhor monastery and
Shar Bhumpa nunnery in Phenpo county and their subsequent readmission
into their respective institutes following pressure from the local
Tibetans. However, the authorities have refused to readmit some nuns
from the above nunnery following their release this month and have
instead ordered them to return to their homes.

Out of those monks arrested in April from the Sakya Nalanda monastery
in Phenpo county, two monks have been reportedly released of late.
One of the monks is identified only by his pet name Monpa. On their
release, however, the monks were found physically disabled with the
amount of beatings they suffered at the hands of prison officials.
The monks have disclosed that they were forced to kneel on gravels
with tiers of vehicles fixed around their necks while the prison
guards keep on beating. Some nuns of a branch of the above monastery,
Phende nunnery, have also complained about similar treatment in the
prison on their release. Many of the nuns have been now rendered
partially disabled, sources have added.

In view of the ongoing critical situation inside Tibet, we urge the
United Nations and the International community and organizations to
the following urgent needs:

1. To immediately send an independent international fact-finding
mission into Tibet
2. To exert pressure on the PRC government to allow unfettered access
to free press in whole of Tibet
3. To pressure the PRC to end the brutal killings in the whole of Tibet
4. To immediately release all the arrested and imprisoned Tibetans
5. To extend immediate medical assistance to those injured Tibetans
6. To allow free movement of people and provide access to daily needs
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