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As China Prepares for Summer Business Boom, Security Does the Complete Opposite

July 3, 2008

As China is expecting a boom in business during the 2008 Summer
Olympics, its security arrangements are doing the polar opposite.
Can Tran (TFactor) in World
The American
July 2, 2008

Beijing, China, is busy preparing to welcome people across the world
as it is set to host the 2008 Summer Olympics. China is expecting a
boom of business across various industries before and during the
Olympic Games. However, China's security arrangements are doing the
exact opposite of what it is preparing to do. Due to the security
arrangements, visa restrictions have become increasingly tightened.

Those that are working and/or studying in China find themselves being
forced to leave as a result of the tightening restrictions. Those
that plan to visit China for leisure or business have to cope with
such difficulties.

Asides from that, the Chinese government has to deal with political
demonstrations in Beijing. Yes, China has a growing list of PR
nightmares to deal with. These nightmares had become apparent weeks
before the start of the Olympic torch run.

There is the issue of Tibet. Tibet could be the one biggest issue
that could prove to be a nightmare for the Olympics in Beijing.

There is the issue of the violence in Darfur. New Mexico Governor and
former Democratic presidential hopeful Bill Richardson highlighted
China's economic connection with Sudan back in 2007. Hollywood
director Steven Spielberg resigned his post as a creative adviser to
the Olympics in Beijing over Darfur.

There is possibly the issue of Zimbabwe.

There is also the issue of the treatment of North Korean refugees at
the hands of the Chinese government. That issue came to light during
the torch relay in Seoul, South Korea.

Asides from protests, the Chinese government is concerned with
possible acts of terrorism during the Olympic Games.

So far, the strict security arrangements are putting a damper on
businesses across Beijing. In the high-end hotels, occupancy is less
than 50%. However, it is not just the hospitality business that is suffering.

While China prepares for the Olympics, the tightened security
measures have also hurt other businesses.

The bigger concern is how long such security measures will last after
the games.
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