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Nepal unyielding on 'One China' policy

July 9, 2008

By Tenzin Sangmo
July 5, 2008

The Home Ministry on July 4 told the Supreme Court that the Nepalese
government was firm in its stand on 'One China' policy.

"The government is aware of every activity carried out on Nepali soil
that may pose threat to China and to the friendly relations between
the two countries," the Ministry told the Court in response to the
Supreme Court's notice on the cause behind the arrest of the three
Tibetan activists Tashi Dolma and Ngawang Sangmo President and Vice
President of the Regional Tibetan Women's Association and Director of
the Tibetan Reception Center Kalsang Chung on June 19 from their residence.

Home Secretary Umesh Prasad Mainali wrote to Supreme Court stating,
"They were arrested for involvement in activities against China and
activities that threatened the cordial relations between the two countries,"

The three Tibetan community leaders were picked up from their homes
last month by plain clothes police officials. The international
community has since expressed concern over their arrest with
diplomatic missions in Nepal of Australia, Canada, Denmark, Germany,
Norway, the United Kingdom, the United States and France, on behalf
of the EU, acting as its local President said, "We would like to
express our strong concern regarding the government of Nepal's recent
detention without charge of three members of the Tibetan community in
Nepal: Kalsang Chung, Ngawang Sangmo, and Tashi Dolma."

"We note that none of the three participated in violent actions and
that Kalsang Chung is not known to have participated in any protests
at all," they said calling for the immediate release of the Tibetan refugees.

The Home Ministry of Nepal has stated that the three were held
lawfully, and asked the apex court not to intervene for their release.
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