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UK-born Tibetan Dechen Pemba deported out of China

July 14, 2008

Shanghaiist - Shanghai,China
July 13, 2008

Dechen PembaTrouble with visa renewal is one thing, but forced
deportation is quite another. Foreigners whining about the former should
take a look at the recent case of Dechen Pemba, a Brit of Tibetan
descent who was detained, driven to the airport, and expelled from the
PRC for five years when she walked out of her Beijing apartment last
Tuesday. The seven plain clothes policemen who escorted Pemba allowed
her only time to pack a bag, refusing to let her call her family or the
British embassy until she was sitting on an Air China plane.

While the police refused to give Pemba a reason for their actions at the
time, the Chinese foreign exile ministry claimed Thursday night that she
was a member of the radical Tibetan Youth Congress and had admitted to
“activities against Chinese laws.”

Pemba maintains that the allegations are false and that she was
persecuted because of her Tibetan heritage. She said that during her two
years in Beijing as an English teacher she was not involved in any
pro-Tibet activism, though she did work for the International Campaign
for Tibet in Germany three years ago.

The deportation is one of the more extreme examples of the pre-Olympic
clampdown that includes prohibiting non-Beijing registered vehicles from
entering the city, visa renewal woes and kicking out thousands of
migrant workers from the capital.

Nicholas Bequelin, Hong Kong-based researcher for Human Rights Watch,
said such instant expulsions were almost unprecedented in the case of
someone who had been a long-term resident.

"This is absolutely exceptional," he said. "I can't remember any other
case in which someone was deported so speedily. The United Kingdom must
respond to this."

How exactly England plans to address the situation is still unclear, but
the British Embassy said staff in London plan to interview Pemba soon
and then decide on an appropriate response.
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