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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

China maneuver Tibetan Versus Tibetan

July 25, 2008

Report: Tibetan Solidarity Committee
The Tibet Post International
July 21, 2008

Tibetans protesting against Chinese government on 17 March 2008, in
Chigdril County (Ch: Juizhi Xian), Golog "Tibetan Autonomous
Prefecture" ("TAP"), Qinghai Province. Photo: TCRHD {The Tibet Post
International -23 July 2008}-In a bizarre case of mounting
surveillance over the monasteries, sources have reported about
China's exploitation of Tibetan officials versus Tibetan monks. The
new drive has recently been launched in Drago monastery in Karze (Ch:
Ganzi) county.

Which requires the prominent county and township level officials to
monitor and indoctrinate the high ranking lamas and abbots of the
monastery while more than 120 low level Tibetan officials have been
mobilized to monitor the activities of the general monks as well as
to politically educate them.

According to the new edict, if any monks are found guilty of
disobeying and participating in the protests, the responsible Tibetan
official will have to bear the brunt of expulsion from service. This
new drive has thus placed both the officials and monks under immense
pressure of distress and anxiety.

The new drive further decreed that the monastery would face closure,
either permanently or temporarily, if more than 30% of the monks were
found participating in the protests even after it had been cleansed
(of separatist forces). In the event of permanently closing down the
monastery, all the monks would have to leave the monastery, which
would then be confiscated by the state, the authorities have stated.

With only less than three weeks for the Summer Olympics to go, China
has stepped up restrictions in whole of Tibet with particular
intensification of restrictions and surveillance on the Tibetan
people living in Beijing and elsewhere in Mainland China. Tibetan
officials and students living in the Chinese capital and adjacent
areas are under strict security observation with many of them ordered
to leave the capital. This is a clear case of the innate distrust
that the Chinese leaders have of Tibetan people.

In a daring effort, a young Tibetan monk, whose identity could not be
confirmed except for his monastery, staged a lone demonstration in
front of the Karze county's Armed Police office on June July 15.
Failing to capture the monk by around ten armed police personnel who
pounced on him as soon as he had shouted slogans, the police fired at
least three bullets (rubber bullet) rendering the monk unconscious
and was thus captured, tossed into a police vain and taken away. The
monk is said to be belonging to Langna monastery of Yarto Rongpatsa
village in Karze county.
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