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Manipal: 'Rewriting history in public view is arrogance'

July 30, 2008

July 29, 2008

Manipal, July 29 -- Manipal Institute of Communication (MIC) in
association with Manipal University Department of Geo Politics
organised a talk on ?Relation between India, China and Tibet? by
Industrialist Vijay Crisna at T M A Pai Planetarium here on Monday.

Delivering the talk, Mr Crisna delved various aspects that paved the
way for today?s confusing rapport between the three countries.

Condemning the conceited attitude of China towards Tibet, Mr Crisna
said that rewriting the history in public view is arrogance. Tibet?s
news warriors were formed in Darmashalas rejecting Chinese tradition.
Media attention is no longer on Tibet.

The Chinese want to reduce the power of Dalai Lama, he accused and
added that Tibet needs natural leaders to counter the dominance of China.

Pondering on the present socio economic and environment scenario in
China in the backdrop of the forthcoming Beijing Olympics, he said
that every Chinese is increasingly taking into streets against
inflation, degradation of life, local corruption and environment
damage. Seven out of 10 rivers and lakes and 16 out of 20 cities in
China are habitually polluted, he said and questioned whether it find
the screening of economic freedom in China with Beijing Olympics.

Embracing China with open arms was a fatal and costly mistake of
Pandit Nehru, despite the caution by the then Home Minister Sardar
Patel that led to the 1965 Indo China war, he opined.

Honourary Director of MIC M.V. Kamath and Educationist Smitha Crisna
and others were present.
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