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Update Re Tibet Demonstrations 31st July

August 1, 2008
July 31 2008

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June 2008

Lhasa - Some arrested protestors from Lhundup county given sentences

Some of the people, who were arrested for participating in protests
on 15-16 March at Phenpo Lhundup (Ch: Lingzhi) county, were given
arbitrary sentences by the concerned court of Lhasa City in mid June.

Tenzin Lhamo, a girl from Ugyen Mey village in Gaden Choekhor
township, Lhundrup county, was given arbitrary sentence to 10 years
of imprisonment for merely participating in a peaceful protest in
Lhundrup county on 16 March. Samdup, a man from the same locality,
was also sentenced to 13 years in prison.

Similarly, three others, including Kalden from Dhey village in
Jangkha township, Lhundrup county, were sentenced to 20, 17 and 12
years in prison. Their details are not available.

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No Specific Date

Lhundrup (Ch: Lingzhi) County, Lhasa Municipality, "TAR" -
Whereabouts of two more arrestees are unknown

Lobsang Dawa, a man from Chushul (Ch: Chushui) county in Lhasa
Municipality who has settled in Lhundrup county at his wife's home,
was arrested in March on charge of participating in a 14 March
protest in Lhasa. His younger brother Tendar, a monk from Ratoe
monastery, was also arrested by Lhasa City Public Security Bureau
(PSB). Their whereabouts are unknown now. Some believe Tendar has died.

Lhundrup (Ch: Lingzhi) County, Lhasa Municipality, "TAR" - Many
arrested nuns from Shar Bhumpa nunnery released after charging fines

Around 53 nuns from Shar Bhumpa nunnery in Lhundrup county were
arrested and detained after participating in protests staged in
Lhundrup county this March. Recently, the concerned county
authorities have released many of them after fining between 2000 to 5000 Yuans.

The released nuns were not allowed to rejoin the nunnery, and they
were sent to their respective homes.

Around 5 arrested nuns were shifted to Lhasa and still being
detained. Another nun, Lobsang Choezin, was admitted to the county
hospital from prison after suffering severe beating during her arrest.
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