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IOC issues statement on Internet censorship in Beijing

August 2, 2008

Greg Johnson
The Los Angeles Times
July 31, 2008

In a terse statement released a short time ago, the IOC stated that
"no deal with the Chinese authorities to censor the Internet has ever
in any way been entered into."

The statement adds that Hein Verbruggen, chairman of the Beijing 2008
IOC Coordination Commission, and Olympic Games Executive Director
Gilbert Felli held meetings earlier today with BOCOG members to
discuss censorship issues.

Two weeks ago, IOC President Jacques Rogge promised that there would
be no Internet censorship for working journalists in Beijing. But
today, Kevan Gosper, head of the IOC media commission, alleged that
the IOC had bowed to Chinese pressure and agreed to let the host
country limit Internet access for reporters working in Beijing.
Reporters are unable to access websites that deal with such issues as Tibet.

"The issues were put on the table, and the IOC requested that the
Olympic Games hosts address them," according to the ICO statement.
"We understand that BOCOG will give details to the media very soon of
how the matter has been addressed. We trust them to keep their promise."

The statement also maintained that "our position is that the IOC has
always encouraged the Beijing 2008 organisers to provide media with
the fullest access possible to report on the Olympic Games, including
access to the Internet."
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