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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."

A Poem: "Flame Of Lies"

August 2, 2008

By Tsoltim N. Shakabpa
July 31, 2008

You started the wild fire
And now its out of control
You are a perennial liar
Now you are in a funk hole

The fire has fired up my heart
To fight for Tibet's freedom
And enflamed my soul to start
Regaining my precious kingdom

Your lies are like human feces
Meant to be flushed down the drain
Your mouth is like that of bullies
Smelling like rotten chow-mein

Wake up China
Put out the flame of lies
Save your panda
And discard your disguise

You've lied and lied enough
Now the world has woken up
We recognize your bluff
And must drain the impure cup

Refrain from lying
Your mouth is stinking
Liars are dying
You life is sinking

China, be true and good
If you lie no more
Embrace you we would
And open up our door

©Copyright: Tsoltim N. Shakabpa - 2008
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