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Films about Dalai Lama at The VI International Film Festival "Pacific Meridian"

August 2, 2008

Vostok Media (Russia)
July 30, 2008

This unique film makes you feel and understand the personality, which
rivets attention of millions of people all over the world

VLADIVOSTOK. 30 July. VOSTOK-MEDIA. This year documentary films are
widely presented at the Film Festival "Pacific Meridian." Visitors
will watch 9 remarkable films.

At the heart of all films laid stories of people of art, politics and
religion: Chinese designer Ma Ke, world-famous photographer Annie
Leibovitz, Russian artist Oleg Kulik, hero of Cuba and the Communist
Revolution Che Guevara and etc. Special emphasis lies on remarkable
film of the famous producer Vitaliy Manskiy "Dawn/Dusk." This unique
film makes you feel and understand the personality riveting attention
of millions of people all over the world. Before picture-taking
authors watched almost all films about Dalai Lama. And to everyone's
surprise no film showed this great person in close. They are all of
film-manifest, historical excursus and biographical story genres. And
none of personality. This became the heart of a film, introducing to
personality of Dalai Lama XIV.

The film lasts 72 minutes and de bene esse has two parts.

The first part is a one day spent in the residency of Dalai Lama
since the start of his day -- 3 a.m. -- till the dusk when Dalai Lama
goes to bed. Film crew fixed morning fitness exercises, walking along
the residence garden, prayers and meditations. Then audiences, mass
media and pilgrim meetings. On that day Buddhist from Russia and
Mongolia came to learn. At the end of a day they came back to his
rooms in the residency and there happened a private talk about the
Universe and a place of personality and religion in the modern world.
The second part represents itinerary on the way from India through
Russia and China recalling an evening talk with Dalai Lama. Vitaliy
Manskiy is one of the most famous documentalists of Russia. His
pictures were shown at more than 200 international festivals and
honoured with more than 30 awards. Many of his works are produced
along with France, Germany, Finland and other countries.

Vitaliy Manskiy works popularizing documentary films on TV. He is the
author and creator of the project "Real Film--on the first TV
channel. He contributed to the organization of the National premium
"Laurel Branch" in the genre of nonplay cinema and TV; in 2006
Vitaliy Manskiy created a festival of nonformat films "Art Doc Fest."
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