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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

LoyalTV Joins The Greatest Light Protest Candle For Tibet

August 3, 2008

HULIQ (press release)
July 31st, 2008

With the Beijing Olympics set to begin on August 8 (day of the
opening ceremony), LoyalTV -- the new peer-to-peer video-sharing Web
site where people post videos about what they're most passionate
about -- has joined forces with the Dalai Lama-blessed campaign,
'Candle for Tibet,' that promises to be the greatest light protest on Earth.

With the Olympic games set to begin in early August, all eyes will be
on Beijing as the world's finest athletes compete for Olympic gold.
LoyalTV, however, has teamed up with 'Candle for Tibet' (CFT) to
divert some of this attention to what it deems to be a compelling
cause – a free Tibet. Together with supporters, CFT is planning a
worldwide light protest to coincide with the opening ceremonies of
the Olympic games.

LoyalTV is a video sharing web site that allows individuals to share
first-hand experiences with the brands, products and movements they
are most passionate about. With over 12,000 videos in a wide array of
categories, LoyalTV has quickly established itself as a place for
people to share with, and learn from, one another. Now they have
joined with CFT to help create the largest light protest in history,
in response to the ongoing violence and oppression in Tibet.

On August 7th, 2008 -- the day before the opening ceremony in Beijing
-- millions of people from around the world will light a candle in a
show of support for freedom in Tibet. CFT organizers are anticipating
over 100 million participants in what will become the world's largest
light protest.

"We created our site to be a community of real people who are sharing
real experiences about the things they feel most strongly about,"
said LoyalTV President, Pete Neumann. "With the Beijing Olympics upon
us, we wanted to provide a platform for those interested in the
'Candle for Tibet' movement. Obviously we feel very strongly in what
CFT is planning and encourage our community to take part. Concurrent
with the Olympics, we will be holding a 'Candle for Tibet' contest,
and we will make a cash donation to the cause on behalf of the winner."

As a forum for those interested in the cause, LoyalTV has formed a
special section on their Web site (a "causes" category) for members
to upload videos showing their support for Tibet. "We believe that
true passion is infectious. Our members take the time to share their
passions with their peers, making our site a natural fit for such a
worthy cause. We are both excited and humbled that our site can help
people find their way to the Candle for Tibet movement," said
Courtney Jones, Co-Founder of LoyalTV.

CFT is also organizing worldwide demonstrations synchronized with the
beginning of the opening ceremony on August 8. Red smoke will fill
the skies as flares are lit from skyscrapers and monuments in New
York, Paris, Berlin, Amsterdam and other major cities, and the
summits of more than 100 mountains on three continents.

The most adamant and visible supporter of a free Tibet -- His
Holiness the Dalai Lama -- has given his blessing to the CFT
campaign. Tsering Tashi, representative of HH the Dalai Lama said:
"We hope your Candle for Tibet campaign will inspire the Chinese
authorities to appreciate the value of freedom of all mankind and the
importance of the Tibetan Buddhist culture that is benefiting
millions of people and has the potential to serve humanity as a
whole, including the Chinese people."

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