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Speaker Karma Chophel in Tokyo

August 5, 2008

Tibet House, Shinjuku, Japan
August 4, 2008

Mr. Karma Chopel Taglungtsang, Speaker of Tibetan Parliament in Exile
at Dharamsala arrived Tokyo yesterday. He was here at the invitation
of Taiwan Foundation for Democracy to attend and to give keynote
speech at 2008 International Conference on Global Support for
Democratization in China and Asia (GSDCA) at Kudankain Hall in Tokyo
today. The two days conference (Aug 4th and 5th) was organized by
several international bodies committed to promotion of democratic
values in China and Asia.

Mr. Makino Seishu, a former Japanese Parliamentarian, convener of the
conference and Dr. Klaus Rose, former Parliamentary Under-Secretary,
Germany, Chairman of the conference welcomed the delegates and
participants at the opening of the conference this morning. They said
that it is the third conference of Global Support of Democratization
in China and Asia, first conference was held in Berlin in 2006 and
second conference in Brussels in 2007 and briefed the participants on
the contribution that the two conferences made in promoting
democratic principle and values in China and Asia. Some three hundred
participants comprising Parliamentarians, scholars and human right
and democracy movement bodies from Taiwan, Australia, Canada, Japan,
Hongkong, Uyghur and Inner Mongolia attended the conference.

A message from His Holiness the Dalai Lama was read before the
delegates and the participants. His Holiness has said that although
no system of government is perfect, democracy is closest to
humanity`s essential nature, and for freedom as the essence of
democracy in fact, is the very source of creativity and progress for
both individual and society. His Holiness has urged that those of us
who enjoy freedom and democracy must continue to fight and inspire
the morale of the oppressed people throughout the world. He noted at
the end that no one else, no outsider, can bring democracy to China
except the Chinese people, therefore, the need to keep their moral up.

Mr Karma Chophel gave the keynote speech; he thanked the organizers
for this timely and important conference, and welcomed the delegates
and the participants. He said like many scholars and experts, he also
firmly believes that democratization of China is a matter of time, it
will come sooner or later, but we all need to work together to
increase the momentum of this movement. He elaborated through eight
points how democratic ideals could get strong foothold in China, he
said that democratization of China is for the good of China itself
and for the rest of Asia. It will help promote peace and harmony in
Asia and around the world. Speaker Karma`s speech was very well
received with great ovation by the participants.

Among the speakers in the first session were, Mr. Tamazawa Tokuichiro
and Yukio Edano, Japanese Member of Parliament, Mr. Goran Lidblad,
Mr. Mark Bishop, Mr. H C Lee, Mr. Rob Anders and Mr. Michael Danby;
Parliamentarians from Sweden, Australia, Taiwan and Canada. They all
spoke on how to promote democratization and human rights in China and
Asia after the 2008 Beijing Olympic.

In the second session, Mr. Dawa Tsering, Representative of His
Holiness the Dalai Lama in Taiwan spoke on the situation in Tibet and
the nature of Tibetan struggle. Mr. Khereed from Inner Mongolia and
Mr. Ilham from Uyghur spoke on the situation in their respective
countries and repression their people are facing. Mr Jianli Yang of
Initiative for China, and Ms Kanae Doi of Tokyo Human Right Watch
spoke on the effect of the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games on Human Rights
in Mainland China. It was concluded that instead of bringing
improvement in Human right issue and press freedom as promised by
China, situation has gone the opposite way. China has used the
Olympic as an excuse to further consolidate the Party`s grip on the
people`s freedom in China and in other areas of Tibet, Uyghur and
Inner Mongolia. In this the participants said that the International
Olympic Committee (IOC) was a total failure.

Question and answers session was done, which was very actively
participated by all those present. Medias from Japan, Taiwan and
Hongkong greatly covered the event.

Speaker Karma Chophel will attend the second and final day of the
conference tomorrow where he will give a concluding remark. He will
leave for Delhi on 6th Aug.
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