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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

The Spanish High Court Accepts Lawsuit Against Chinese Authorities for Crimes Against Humanity in the Recent Repression of the Tibetan People

August 8, 2008

Campagna di Solidarietà con il Popolo Tibetano
August 5, 2008

The Central Investigative Court nº 1 of the Spanish High Court
(Audiencia Nacional) has accepted its competence in the case and
admitted the lawsuit that the CAT presented on the 30th July 2008.

The lawsuit is for crimes against humanity committed in the recent
repression of peaceful demonstrators.

As in the previous lawsuit, which had the testimonial support of
nearly forty international organizations, the co-plaintiff is the
Fundación Casa del Tibet in Barcelona and the private prosecution is
its director, Thubten Wangchen, a Tibetan with Spanish nationality.

The lawsuit denounces crimes against humanity for the systematic and
generalized killing of Tibetans, the causing of grievous bodily harm,
torture and arrests contrary to international law, and forced
disappearances of the Tibetan people since 10th March 2008.

The accused are:
- Liang Guanglie, current Minister of Defense and member of the
Central Military Committee since 2003
- Meng Jianzhu, Minister of Public Security since 2007 and member of
the Central Party Committee since 2002
- Geng Huichang, Minister of State Security since 2007 and Vice
Minister of Security since 1998
- Zhang Qingli, Party Secretary of the CCP in the so-called
Autonomous Region of Tibet since 2006.
- Wang Lequan, member of the Beijing Politburó since 2002.
- Li Dezhu, head of the Ethnic Affairs Committee.
- General Tong Guishan, commander of the People's Liberation Army in Lhasa
- General Zhang Guihua, political commissary of the military command in Chengdu

Campagna di Solidarietà con il Popolo Tibetano
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