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Olympics athletes call on President Hu to respect human rights and to resolve Tibet issue

August 8, 2008

International Campaign for Tibet
Sports for Peace
Amnesty International Germany
August 6, 2008

Berlin, August 6 -- 127 international athletes, including more than
40 competing in the Beijing Games, have signed an open letter to
China's President Hu Jintao calling for a peaceful solution to the
Tibet issue and respect for human rights in China. Signatories
include world champions Croatian high jumper Blanka Vlasic, 110m
hurdles world record holder Dayron Robles of Cuba, American 400m
runner DeeDee Trotter, and Panamaian long-jumper Irving Saladino.

In their letter, initiated by 'Sports for Peace' in Germany, the
athletes say that measures taken on the issues they outline "will
have a strong influence on the outcome of the Olympic Games and the
image the world will have of China in the future."

The athletes appeal to President Hu Jintao:

to enable a peaceful solution for the issue of Tibet and other
conflicts in your country with respect to fundamental principles of
human rights
to protect freedom of expression, freedom of religion and freedom of
opinion in your country, including Tibet
to ensure that human rights defenders are no longer intimidated or imprisoned
to end the death penalty
The statement published in the International Herald Tribune today,
and names of signatories, can be viewed at


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