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Emergency Wartime Response Preparation Status Announced in Tibet

August 10, 2008

2008 Olympics & Human Rights
By Guo Chuanxin
The Epoch Times/Central News Agency
Aug 7, 2008

The Tibetan Government in Exile said on August 6 that in the Tibetan
areas in southwestern China security has been on extremely high
alert. Following two days of anti-terrorism military drills with real
weapons in Lhasa and other Tibetan settled areas, the Chinese regime
has announced that all Tibetan areas are in an emergency wartime
response preparation state that will last until September 20.

The Tibetan Government in Exile said that according to reliable
sources, in late July, the Chinese regime set up makeshift temples,
shops, and residences in Aba Tibetan Autonomous District in
northwestern Sichuan Province. On July 31, a large number of Chinese
soldiers were dressed as Tibetan monks, held flags of the Tibetan
Government in Exile, and staged a riot. The military suppressed the
riot as an anti-terrorism drill. The whole process was videotaped.

In addition, Chinese authorities conducted two anti-terrorism drills
at the Lhasa train station and airport on August 2 and August 4. On
the afternoon of August 5, the Communist Party Committee and
administration of the Tibetan Autonomous Region held meetings with
key officials to ensure security during the Olympics and Special
Olympics. Military drills were also held in other Tibetan settled
areas such as Kangding.

The Tibetan Government in Exile believes that such large-scale
anti-terrorism drills with real weapons are aimed to threaten local
Tibetans using military prowess.
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