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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

Tibetans Arrested for Civil Disobedience at NYC Chinese Consulate

August 11, 2008

By Nick Gulotta
August 9, 2008

New York, August 8 -- On the day of the 2008 Beijing Olympic opening
ceremonies 10 local Tibetans chained themselves to each other and to
police barricades outside of the Chinese Consulate. Others sat down
on the West Side Highway across the street from the building. The
activists were arrested and are now in police custody.

At about 12:00pm a group of 4 Tibetans ran to the middle of the
Chinese Consulate and chained themselves to the police barricades
sounding the consulate. Shortly after, a group of 6 chained Tibetans
eluding New York police officers staged a "sit in" in front of the Consulate.

The group remained chained outside the consulate for about a half
hour before their chains were cut and they were forcibly removed.

Shortly after, the massive crowd of approximately 1,500 protesters
marched to the United Nations, then onto the Chinese Mission.

In addition to the local actions, Tibet activists have also launched
nonviolent protests on the ground in Beijing. The most recent of
which involved a flag protest on the grounds of the Olympic Village
wherein three protesters displayed Tibetan national flags. Chinese
security tackled them 40 seconds after the protest began. They were
immediately removed and forcibly detained.
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