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Tibetan flag flap

August 11, 2008

August 10, 2008

HONG KONG -- Security officers in Hong Kong removed a university
student who tried to display the Tibetan flag during the Olympic
equestrian competition yesterday.

Seated in the front row, student Christina Chan displayed a placard
bearing the Canadian flag and the Tibetan flag underneath during the
dressage portion of the eventing competition in Hong Kong's suburban
Sha Tin district early yesterday.

When she tried to peel away the Canadian flag to reveal the Tibetan
flag, four or five security officers covered her with a blue cloth
and asked her to leave but she refused.

Officers carried her out of the venue about half an hour later.

"She was sort of disturbing other spectators around her, which is
against the house rules," said equestrian event spokesman Mark Pinkstone.

Pinkstone said Chan -- who also protested at the Hong Kong leg of the
Olympic torch relay in May -- was removed from the venue but not arrested.

Organizers said before the equestrian event that the Tibetan flag
would be banned under house rules that prohibit the display of
national flags of countries not represented at the competition.

The rules also prohibit propaganda on banners, clothing or accessories.

TV footage also showed a man wearing a T-shirt that said "democracy
and human rights are more important than the Olympics." The man was
asked to take off the shirt before entering the venue.
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