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Team Tibet on Union Square After Beijing Protest

August 12, 2008

By Shaoshao Chen, Epoch Times Staff
Epoch Times
August 11, 2008

NEW YORK, August 10 -- Protestors braved heavy rain at Union Square
on Sunday to hold a "Counter-Olympics."

Dozens of protestors gathered decrying China's continuing and
escalating human rights violations. The protest was part of a series
of protests by Tibetan activists in New York City since the opening
of the Beijing Olympics.

Joining the demonstration were members of Team Tibet, a sporting
organization advocating the participation of exiled Tibetans in the
Olympic Games.

An hour before the opening ceremony of the Beijing Olympics, three
members of the group unfurled the Tibetan flag in front of the
Beijing National Stadium, also known as the Birds Nest. They were
tackled to the ground and detained by security officials.

"When I was down on the ground, I remembered the Tibetan people all
over the world," said Jonathan Stribling-Uss, one of the deported
Team Tibet members, told supporters at the Union Square rally.

The three members were deported from China on August 9.

"We proudly displayed the Tibetan flag in Beijing yesterday to shine
a spotlight on the Chinese government's lethal military crackdown
inside Tibet and its attempt to use the Beijing Olympics to cover up
its human rights abuses there," said Kalaya'an Mendoza a New York
City resident and one of the three protestors.

"As long as people of conscience actively support Tibetans in their
struggle for freedom and human rights, pressure on China to resolve
the issue will continue to grow."

After months of protests leading up to the Beijing Olympics, human
rights activists have continued their efforts in calling for the end
of China's human rights atrocities.

Tibetan groups have planned ongoing protests throughout the duration
of the Games, while other groups have been holding similar protests
throughout the world.

Most of the protestors have been from the activist group Students for
a Free Tibet (STF). Since the start of the games, at least half-dozen
members of STF have held demonstrations in Beijing.
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