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Taos Mountain Film Festival to Spotlight Tibet

August 14, 2008
August 11, 2008

Taos, NM - This year's Taos Mountain Film Festival in this New
Mexican ski resort town will feature films, guests and slideshows
from the Tibetan Plateau, the planet's most spectacular terrain known
as the Roof of the World. This region has been shrouded in mystery
and myth for millennia. For centuries it was closed to foreigners and
the recent opening has been tainted by oppression and violence.

The festival, slated for October 9-12 is currently finalizing its
program from a wide array of submitted films covering the history,
culture and topography of the high plateau, which extends beyond
Tibet itself into still comparatively unvisited lands such as Ladakh,
Mustang and Western China. Selected films include the 1963 BBC
classic Raid into Tibet, which follows a force of Tibetan resistance
fighters making an incursion across the border to battle the
occupying Chinese forces, and The Fate of the Lhapas, which documents
the attempts of the Tibetan shamans to preserve their old ways in
exile. Other films will feature the teachings of the Dalai Lama, a
pilgrimage to the sacred

mountain of Kailash, and the ascent of a Himalayan peak by blind
climber led by Everest summiter, Erik Wienemahyer.

Also featured at the festival will be a remastered version of the
famous 1968 documentary El Capitan, presented by the original
climbers and filmmakers, and many other films and presentations
covering adventure sports and environmental issues from the
Southwestern states and throughout the world.

Passes and information will soon be available online soon at

Due to the reconstruction of the major theater in Taos the festival
will be held at smaller venues this year. Screenings will be sold out
early so organizers strongly advise buying a pass to guarantee admission.
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