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5 deported from China after 'Free Tibet' stunt

August 17, 2008

Associated Press
August 15, 2008

BEIJING -- Five foreign activists were deported Friday after they
scaled a landmark building in Beijing to unfurl a "Free Tibet" banner
over the top of an Olympic Games billboard in the latest protest
during the games.

Television footage by Britain's Sky News showed the activists, draped
in Tibetan nationalist flags and wearing helmets, dangling from ropes
as they hung the black-and-white banner about six metres off the
ground at the new headquarters of state-owned China Central
Television, which is still under construction. Police quickly took
the banner down.

The Beijing Public Security Bureau said in a faxed reply to questions
that the protesters had "engaged in activities that violated Chinese
law." Police ordered the activists to leave the country, it said.

Students for a Free Tibet's campaigns director, Kate Woznow,
confirmed the five activists were deported later Friday. The group
said the activists included three Americans, a Briton and a Canadian.

It was the latest in a series of protests by pro-Tibet and other
activists who have sought to use the Olympic Games to criticize China
for alleged repressive rule in Tibet, rights abuses and religious
restrictions. Other foreign demonstrators have been quickly deported.
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