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"We Tibetans are looking for a legitimate and meaningful autonomy, an arrangement that would enable Tibetans to live within the framework of the People’s Republic of China."

Free Tibet 2008 Television online

August 17, 2008

Agora Vox
August 14, 2008

A new online video channel broadcasting from London to promote
Freedom for Tibet during the Beijing Olympics has been launched by
Students for a Free Tibet, posts Tenzin in a p2pnet Reader's Write,
going on »»»

With all the Olympic actions for Tibet taking place and particularly
the incredible success of the 'opening' banner action outside
Beijing's 'Bird's Nest' stadium on Aug. 6th and subsequent media
storm here in the UK, it took some time to get FT08.TV ready for prime time.

But with the dedicated help of lots of people, SFT's new video
channel is up and running, and filled with lots of must-see on-demand
content, including inspiring Tibet activist video-profiles, action
reports, video-blogs, and more.

We're also airing a nightly Windhorse Report live from London with
SFT leaders Tenzin Dorjee and Han Shan - a roundup of reports from
Beijing and around the world during the Olympics, with breaking news
about protests, call-in interviews with news-making activists,
episodes of SFT-TV (the efforts of SFT's global grassroots), and info
and analysis about the situation on the ground in Tibet.

There will be more and more compelling content to watch every day and
we'll be improving the channel/website as we go (after all, this is
but one small facet of our Olympic efforts right now). But please
come check it out: surf around the many videos on the channel, or
watch the stream (click on "Streaming Now" in the upper left-hand
corner). Last but not least, you're invited to submit video... check
out the channel for more on what we're looking for.

Please help spread the word about FT08.TV -- join the facebook group,
blog about it, embed the videos, spam your address book - and of
course, keep watching.

And don't forget to visit SFT's Olympics Campaign website: and SFT's blog: for more news and analysis from
the frontlines of the current global effort to make Olympic history for Tibet.

Note: many thanks to Nathan Dorjee, Shannon Service, Andi Mignolo,
Alex Fountain, Thupten Nyima, Kala Mendoza, and many others for
helping to make FT08.TV happen at this critical time.
5:32 PM

Go on your facebook, etc to announce After go
on "social justice" websites like "" (check it out) to
announce Also check out blogs discussing Tibet issue's and
post the official ft08 announcement.

Check out recent news articles on Tibet. Usually they have "comment"
sections, post the ft08 annoucement.

Free Tibet 2008 Television, or FT08.TV.

Says the FT2008 site »»»

With the Beijing Olympics bringing unprecedented attention to China,
Tibetans and their supporters worldwide are working to expose the
reality of the Chinese government's brutal rule in Tibet and help win
human rights and freedom for six million Tibetans. Students for a
Free Tibet (SFT) is at the forefront of these efforts, and we're
determined to take nonviolent action worldwide to keep the Olympic
spotlight on China's brutal occupation of Tibet, and the inspiring
nonviolent resistance of Tibetans and their supportesr worldwide.

FT08.TV is a 24-hour internet TV station, a one-stop news and
analysis resource for Tibetans, Tibet supporters, and others
concerned about human rights connected to (and during) the Beijing
Olympics. FT08.TV will be broadcasting throughout the Games, and will
hopefully stick around long after. In addition to protests in Beijing
Games, there will be a mobilization of Tibetans and their supporters
for demonstrations at Chinese Embassies and Consulates worldwide, and
FT08.TV will report on this and much more.

Free Tibet 2008 Television [ FT08.TV ] is the companion video channel
to SFT's Olympics campaign website,

Brought to you by Students for a Free Tibet.

Tune in now.
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