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"As long as human rights are violated, there can be no foundation for peace. How can peace grow where speaking the truth is itself a crime?"

"Recollecting Tibet" [Online Documentary Film, 2005-2008]

August 21, 2008

T.M. Ciolek
Tibetan Studies Blog (Australia)
August 18, 2008

"Recollecting Tibet" [Online Documentary Film, 2005-2008]
Photophormations, VDB Films Ltd, Oakville, ON, Canada

"'Recollecting Tibet' - Documentaries Memories: Chronicles from a
camera: A perpetual History.

Over three years from 2005 to 2008, Photophormations worked with the
Tibetan government living in exile in Dharamsala, India making
'Recollecting Tibet'. The Documentary examines and questions the
state of the Tibetan people living away from the spiritual homeland,
surrounded by westernization and how tourism has been assimilated
into their culture. The film travels to Tibet documenting the Chinese
occupation and the current climate of oppression. With religious
practises being restricted in Tibet by the Chinese and many Tibetan
women financially forced into prostitution, how can the Tibetans
preserve their heritage? The documentary travels to Kathmandu to hear
first hand accounts from Tibetans escaping into Nepal each year by
risking their lives on the treacherous journey crossing over the
Himalayas. Traversing through differing locations and times, the film
becomes a visual chronicle of stories and events undertaken by one
observer and camera. The narration reflects back upon the histories
witnessed leading up to the demonstration in March 2008 and beyond to
the perpetual past and future histories of the Tibetans. [...]

Photophormations is a small non profit organisations: an
investigative team who work in unstable environments around the world
producing documentary, journalism, photojournalism and promotional
media for individual groups, NGO and organisations."

"Hello Photophormations has just finished our documentary on The
Tibetan situation which has been made over the last 3 years. To watch
film go to link: [at the URL below]. We worked with the Tibetan
Government and many organisation's like the TYC and TWA in
Dharamsala. We would like to offer the film for your use in any way
you wish to help promote the Tibetan situation during this time of
the Chinese Olympics to help show what is happening in Tibet now. The
film has been on-line [at
- ed.] for the last 3 days [i.e. since 15 Aug 2008 - ed.], and caused
a massive reaction world wide [...]. If you would like a copy [on DVD
- ed.] please fill out the attached form [Not attached to this
abstract. However, it can be obtained from
( - ed.] and we can get you a copy. We
have screenings on 17 differing [sic] television channels so far
around the world from Japan to Canada. [...] - ks."

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