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Dalai Lama set to miss Costa Rica visit

August 22, 2008

Costa Rica Holiday (UK)
August 20, 2008

The Dalai Lama, leader of Tibetan Buddhists was set to visit Costa
Rica this September however fears of causing a dispute with China
have led to the high profile trip being cancelled. It was due to
coincide with the exiled leader's visit to America and several Latin
American countries where he was expected to make a series of public
presentations and deliver religious messages to crowds.

Nevertheless the visit has been cancelled by Costa Rican President
and Nobel Peace Prize winner Oscar Arias who describes the Dalai Lama
as a personal friend, yet due to worries that the visit may provoke
political problems with the President of China who is also expected
to enjoy a stay in Costa Rica in October.

Relations between China and Tibet has long been ridden with problems
following Chinese occupation of the region almost 50 years ago which
forced the Dalai Lama to flee the country to India where he has
remained since, attempting resolve the differences between Tibet and
China. The current Beijing Olympics 2008 has again turned the
spotlight to the ongoing dispute amid a series of public
demonstrations for Tibetan independence.

However it would appear that there are no 'hard feelings' between the
Holy Leader and Costa Rica. In fact the Dalai Lama has previously
talked over his admiration of the Costa Rican political set up
following his stay in the country back in 2004. For a demilitarized
nation to continue to have a stable economy and be committed to peace
and the protection of the natural environment is said to have
impressed the leader and have given him inspiration of a vision of
Tibet for the future.

Nevertheless whilst the continuing row remains between the two areas
it would appear that President Oscar Arias is not willing to take the
risk of upsetting mighty Chinese Government.
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