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Witness (at Spanish Court) declares to the judge Pedráz that the deaths and tortures committed by the Chinese Government continued during the Olympic Games.

September 8, 2008

Tibet.- A witness declares to the judge that the deaths and tortures 
committed by the Chinese Government continued during the Olympic 
Games (04/09)
Original article in Spanish

The Director of the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy 
(TCHRD) of the Tibetan Government in Exile, Urgen Tenzin, denounced 
yesterday to the judge of Spain's special high court or Audiencia 
Nacional, Santiago Pedráz, that the deaths and torture perpetrated by 
the Chinese Government in Tibet continued throughout the celebration 
of the Olympic Games.
The director of the Tibetan Centre for Human Rights and Democracy 
(TCHRD) of the Tibetan Government, Urgen Tenzin, denounced yesterday 
to the judge of Spain's special high court, Santiago Pedráz, that the 
deaths and torture perpetrated by the Chinese Government in Tibet 
continued throughout the celebration of the Olympic Games.
In a statement to the press after declaring before the judge, Mr 
Tenzin said the demonstrations "against the repressive Chinese 
policies" had led to more than 100 deaths and about 6,000 arrests. 
"Those arrested are subjected to inhuman torture", he said, declaring 
that the situation had not improved after the Olympic Games.
The plaintiffs - the Comité de Apoyo al Tibet (CAT), the private 
Foundation Casa del Tíbet, and Tubten Wangchen Sherpa Sherpa - 
presented the judge yesterday with a dvd film showing these acts of 
The director of the TCHRD is the first witness to declare in the 
lawsuit accepted by judge Pedráz on 5th August against Lian Guanglie, 
current Chinese Minister of Defence; Geng Huichang, Minister for 
State Security and vice Minister of Security; Zhang Qingli, Chinese 
Communist Party Secretary in the Autonomous Region of Tibet; Wang 
Lequan, member of the Politburo; Li Dezhu, head of the Ethnic Affairs 
Commission; general Tong Guishan, commander of the People's 
Liberation Army in Lhasa, the capital of Tibet; and general Zhan 
Guihua, political commissar of the Chengdu military command.
Tenzin recommended that the judge go in person to Tibet or 
neighbouring India - where Tibetan refugees flee when leaving their 
country - in order to verify the data submitted to the court and take 
declarations from those who physically witnessed the repression. "It 
is now very difficult to obtain reliable information", he declared, 
saying that the arrests had been caused by the Tibetans' attempt to 
"defend their fundamental human rights". "I hope this lawsuit will 
bring justice for the Tibetan people", he added.
The declaration by the Security Minister of the Tibetan Government in 
Exile, scheduled for today, has been postponed due to the witness 
having other engagements.
On 5th August the judge Pedraz accepted the competence of Spanish 
jurisdiction to investigate the acts denounced, as they constituted 
"crimes against humanity, committed against the Tibetan people". 
According to the organizations who filed the lawsuit, the Chinese 
authorities caused "at least 203 deaths, more than 1,000 seriously 
injured and 5,972 illegal arrests and forced disappearances".
According to the plaintiffs, these seven high-ranking members of the 
Chinese Government ordered the "widespread and systematic killing" of 
the Tibetan population, together with "serious injuries, tortures and 
forced disappearances" committed since March 10th 2008.
In the lawsuit they are accused of "the intentional killing or 
causing grievous bodily harm, forced disappearances, arrests and the 
loss of liberty in violation of international laws on these matters, 
and the tortures denounced", while the Tibetan people are "a group or 
collective that is persecuted" by the Chinese authorities "for 
political, racial, national, ethnic or religious reasons or those of 
gender, or other reasons universally recognised as unacceptable under 
international law".
The judge also asked the plaintiffs to submit to the court all the 
documentation they had on these acts and to give details of the posts 
held by each of the accused.
In addition to Pedráz's investigation, the judge of the Nº 2 Central 
Court of the Audiencia Nacional, Mr Ismael Moreno, has a lawsuit open 
since January 2006 against former Chinese president, Jiang Zemin, and 
six other former Communist leaders in Tibet and the Chinese 
Government, after these same two organizations lodged a lawsuit for 
genocide committed since 1950.
In addition to Jiang, the other accused in this lawsuit are: Li Peng, 
former prime minister during the repression in Tibet; Chinese 
Communist Party Secretaries in Tibet: Ren Rong 1971-1980, Yin Fatang 
1980-1985, and Chen Kuiyan 1992-2001; Deng Delyun, Family Planning 
Minister during the 90's; and Chen Kuiyan, head of Chinese security 
and the People's Armed Police during the repression at the end of the 
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