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Confession Ultimatum for Tibetan Govt Officials in Tibet Ends

September 24, 2008

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

The two-month ultimatum for Tibetan members of the Communist Party and
government workers to confess that they had or have children in schools
run by the exile government in India ended last week. In July, Communist
Party authorities in the Tibet Autonomous Region issued measures stating
that Tibetan children must confess if they have been to schools in India
and whether they believed anything they had been taught there, according
to the official Communist Party paper, Tibet Daily.

The measures, issued by the Tibet Autonomous Region Party Committee
Discipline Department, state that children who return from schools in
exile and parents who fail to bring children back to Tibet could face
unspecified 'disciplinary action'.

Over the past decade, thousands of Tibetan children have made the
dangerous journey across the Himalayas through Nepal into India in order
to receive an education based on Tibetan cultural values in exile
schools and monasteries, Education inside Tibet can be unavailable and
unaffordable, says the International Campaign for Tibet.

The new measures, which probably was issued in mid-July, goes further
than earlier statements by the Chinese authorities saying that all of
the Tibetan children studying in exile were "lured" abroad by the "Dalai
Clique" "so that they can be infiltrated [back into Tibet] in a
conspiracy aimed at undermining our future capacity." The measures also
state that children returning must confess not only to any participation
in "splittist and terrorist activities" abroad, but also to what they
thought and believed while in India, and that they may face punishment
for the latter.

It is not known yet if any children have been withdrawn from India, nor
is it known whether these punishments could apply to any children who
have returned in the past few years, according to the ICT.

The new measure is more stringent than the one imposed in 1994 demanding
that Tibetan Party members and government workers recall their children
from India. This new measure stated that if Tibetans did not follow the
ruling they would be demoted or expelled from their jobs, and their
children would lose their rights to residence permits if they did not
return to Tibet within a specified time. According to the India-based
Tibetan Center for Human Rights and Democracy, some parents did recall
their children, which meant that they were unable to complete their
education in exile.

According to Tibet Daily, the new regulations are an essential element
of "the struggle against splittism", and they are in line with the
intensified focus on patriotic education among the lay as well as
monastic population being implemented by the authorities as part of the
crackdown since protests swept across the Tibetan plateau from March 10,
continuing into August.

Following is a full English translation of the measures

TAR Party Committee Discipline and Inspection Department issue
"Regulations to decide the issue of children of Party members and state
employees taken abroad for education in schools run by the Dalai Clique"
(experimental implementation)

Tibet Daily, July 14

In recent years young people have been lured into going abroad by the
offer of free education at schools which also provide lodging, food and
clothing run by the Dalai Clique, so that they can be infiltrated (back
into Tibet) in a conspiracy aimed at undermining our future capacity.

In view of this, these regulations have been introduced in order to
strengthen Party and governmental discipline, in line with the struggle
against Splittism, and as a new angle on strengthening the system. The
regulations stipulate that children of Party members and state employees
may not be taken abroad to study in schools run by the Dalai Clique (or
in monasteries run by them).

This has been defined as a strict matter of political discipline, and
Party members or state employees whose children go abroad for this
purpose will be punished according to Party and government disciplinary
regulations. These regulations having been generally disseminated, those
who send their children abroad for this purpose will be expelled from
all Party welfare organizations and from their status as Party or
government workers. Before the regulations are fully disseminated, those
who bring their children back must voluntarily report the matter to the
organization (department), and according to the severity of their
situation they will face disciplinary action to an appropriate degree.

Those children must voluntarily and extensively confess to the
organization (dept) whether they accepted the reactionary education they
received abroad and participated in Splittist and terrorist activities,
and according to the severity of their offences, they will face an
appropriate degree of disciplinary action. Those with children studying
abroad in the said schools and monasteries should be advised to return
them within 2 months, and those who do so within this period will face
disciplinary action or not according to the severity of the case.

Those who hide (the fact that they have children studying abroad) and
fail to resign, and those who fail to return them within the stipulated
period will face expulsion from all Party welfare organizations and from
their status as Party or government workers. The TAR Discipline
committee and Inspection dept advises disciplinary and supervisory
bodies at all levels in the region to strengthen oversight and
supervision of the observance of these regulations by Party members,
government employees, future employees and retired employees, and to
deal strictly with any infractions.
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