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Remarkable Mexican student expelled under China’s pressure

September 8, 2007

Two weeks ago, Tessy Cisneros, a remarkable Mexican student attending the Colegio de Mexico received a letter from this "prestigious" Mexican University saying she would be expelled from the college and that she would no longer be able to pursue her Master's Degree there. The reason given by the University authorities was that "she did not fulfill the requirements they look for”. She of course wrote a letter back asking for a hearing in order to appeal their decision.

Since she has been a very good student with very good grades and background, the university authorities said "there are other reasons as to why they were expelling her". However, such reasons were never explained to her.

This Colegio de Mexico is indirectly financed by the Chinese government. The Chinese government has apparently been giving money to it to function and become this "prestigious" university that it is today. Accordingly, throughout the university, there are certain topics that are not allowed to talk about (e.g. Tibet). Besides, there are certain ideologies students and teachers alike are expected to respect and follow. However, no one in the college openly admits that this is what actually happens there.

A few months ago Tessy Cisneros presented a thesis proposal on "Modern Tibet and its relationship with India”. She later received "the" letter informing her of the decision to expel her. Now, she has been officially expelled and is no longer able to go to school or, pursue her Master's degree, at least not in this same university. Furthermore, Tessy has reportedly used the topic of Tibet on many occasions during her class assignments, class presentations and essay topics.

On one hand, It is sad for me to see that a Mexican university, such as this one, would obey and listen to a foreign government, although, of course, I am not surprised to see that an educational centre rather protects their financial interests than imparting education, Nevertheless, on the other hand I am proud and happy to see that Tessy never intended to change her thesis topic. She instead chose to face the school authorities and appeal her case. She stood for what she believed was right, in spite of the consequences. Now she has no school to attend to, but then again who would want to stay in a school where students do not have freedom of expression and one that is being financed by an oppressive and manipulative regime?

I say Bravo to Tessy Cisneros and shame on the Colegio de Mexico in Mexico City.

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