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Shanghai holds exhibition on Tibet culture

December 17, 2008
People from China and around the world are all amazed by Tibetan culture. A large scale exhibition on Tibetan culture and art is underway in Shanghai. Authentic pieces from the mystic highland and on-the-spot demonstrations have revealed an exotic world to the city dwellers.
The Tibetan Culture and Art Exhibition opened in Shanghai on Saturday.
Here, spectators are attracted by the demonstration of woven Tibetan tapestry, and by the bright colors of the rugs.
These monks are drawing pictures depicted in ancient texts - not with a pen, but with a unique horn-shaped device. Colorful powders flow out from the tip of the horn. It's a specialty of Tibetan Buddhist Art which requires extreme skill.
Tangka, the jewel in the crown of Tibetan art, is painted here by local artists. It features the exquisite depiction of stories of Tibetan Buddhism or stories on the legend of the plateau. Unique pigments allow the colors to stay vibrant over many centuries. There are several different Tangkas on display at the exhibition.
A spectator said, "I'm interested in Tibetan culture. I brought my child here to help form an impression about it."
The Tibetan Culture Exhibition is the largest exhibition on the history of Tibetan culture held in China. It occupies ten halls of Shanghai's East Asia Museum. It will run there until Sunday, when it will tour other large Chinese cities and then head abroad.
Editor:Liu Fang
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