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Education investment in Tibet reaches 22 billion yuan since 1978

December 30, 2009

[Xinhua is the official news agency of the PRC]
    BEIJING, Dec. 29, 2008 (Xinhua) -- The central government investment in education in the Tibet Autonomous Region is on the increase ever since China's reform and opening-up.
    Since 1978, the figure has reached more than 22 billion yuan (about 3.22 billion U.S. dollars), of which, 2.728 billion yuan has already been allocated in the first 9 months this year.
    This financial support guarantees the people's right to education, said Yu Xiangqin, head of the Basic Education Office of Tibet Education Department.
    Since 1985, free food, clothing and accommodation have been provided for rural Tibetan students in Tibetan primary and middle schools, and the standard is keeping increasing.
    Teaching condition for primary and middle schools also has achieved a great improvement from lab equipment, libraries to desks and chairs.
    Education of Tibet is heading to the best period in the history, said Yu Xiangqin.
    Statistics indicate enrollment rates for primary- and middle-school-age students have respectively risen to 98.5 percent and 92.2 percent, 7 and 31 percentage higher than that of five years ago, and the rate for senior high schools has also increased from 5.3 percent in 1978 to the current 51.2 percent.
    (Source: China Tibet Information Center)
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