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Economic slow down hits inflow of tourists to Dharamshala

December 30, 2009

Asian News International
Dharamshala, Dec 29, 2008 : Economic slowdown and Mumbai terror attacks have adversely affected the tourism industry in Dharamshala.
"This time is surely a very low tourist season for New Year. There is a great fear that not many people will come this time," said Prem Sagar, a travel agent.
Every year thousands of tourists from abroad visit the town to see the abode of the Dalai Lama, the Buddhist relics and even have an audience with the Tibetan spiritual leader.
However, today, apart from the global economic crisis, the recent terror attacks in Mumbai have discouraged tourists from visiting Dharamshala.
"There are three reasons which have contributed. One is Mumbai terror attack, number two is general recession and number three is the most important person holy Dalai Lama is not here this time. He is probably in Bodh Gaya or somewhere. He is the centre of attraction here," said V K Garg, a hotelier.The hotels, restaurants are all incurring losses.
According to people engaged in hospitality and tourism sectors, it is for the first time in a decade that they are facing such a situation.
Tourism contributes more than 6 per cent to the country's GDP of one trillion dollars, and employs 53 million people directly or indirectly. By Akhilesh Bharti
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