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Free Tibet concert: a gift to Alaska

January 7, 2009

By Rob Stapleton
Alaska Journal of Commerce
Monday, January 5, 2009
An Anchorage couple committed to informing Alaskans about matters of politics between China and Tibet plan to say it with music, in a free concert in Anchorage open to all Alaskans.
The Jan. 10 concert, promoted as “A Big Dream,” is just that for Paola Pivi, and Karma Lama.
“We are giving this concert to Anchorage as a way to spread the seeds of compassion,” said Paola Pivi, an Italian-born artist now living in Anchorage. “We offered this to teach compassion, to show adults what it is, and for them to teach their children of its importance.”
Pivi and former Tibetan monk Karma Lama feel the concert will help raise awareness of the struggles between the Tibetan culture and the Chinese government by bringing a world event to the Alaska doorstep.
“This is our gift to Alaskans,” said Lama. “We just want to elevate the awareness that Tibet is not a free country.”
At the same time as Alaska was becoming a state, Tibet was annexed as part of Communist China in 1959 after an invasion. According to Lama, Tibet is still experiencing cultural genocide at the hands of the Chinese.
“This is something that Alaskans should be thinking about as they do business with the Chinese. Human rights, who has them and who doesn’t,” said Lama.
Lama, who fled his native country and came to Alaska from Nepal over 10 years ago, and his Italian wife, Paola, pulled together an event that is neither a fundraiser or a venue to sell items, but aims only to bring light to Tibet’s future.
The event is at the Anchorage’s Performing Arts Center, and features Alaska’s own Pamyua, former Tibetan prisoner Ngawang Sangdrol and Yungchen Lhamo.
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