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Undercover Film on Tibet at 5th Tri-Continental Film Festival

January 16, 2009

Thursday, January 15, 2009
Dharamsala, Jan. 15 - Undercover in Tibet, a documentary film by Jezza Neumann and interviewer Tash Despa, has been nominated for the 5th Tri Continental Film Festival on Human Rights to be held in Mumbai. The film will screen alongside other films from 20 countries at the three day festival beginning 23 January at the National Centre of Performing Arts.
Tashi Despa is a Tibetan who had gone through the similar ordeal as other refugees from Tibet who risk their lives to reach India. He later left India for England and settled there. The film was made over three months’ period from late April 2007. It was first broadcast on Britain’s Channel 4 program “Dispatches” on March 31 last year at the height of the Tibet unrest.
“Once I met Tash and learned about the Tibetan cause, I knew how important this film could be,” Neumann had said in an interview. “I feel this film is incredibly valuable, as it is video documentation of issues the Chinese are trying to say don’t exist.”
Undercover in Tibet is one of the 28 films selected from 150 entries.
Festival director Alika Khosla said, "The festival, which began in Argentina in 2002, has grown. The festival aims to expose people to the issues of human rights violations . The Tri Continental Film Festival is the perfect vehicle to introduce global human rights issues to the youth in India.''
The films will travel to colleges in Mumbai beyond the duration of the festival. Khosla said, "A number of colleges are interested in screening our films. We intend to take them to institutions like St Xavier's and Wilson College.''
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