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China’s communist regime losing ground: Dalai

January 18, 2009

Fresh News - Delhi
Friday, January 16, 2009
Claiming that China’s communist regime was slowly “losing ground”, the Dalai Lama said once a democratic govt comes to power in that country Tibet will get “meaningful autonomy” as the cause is supported by Chinese people. china Chinas communist regime losing ground: Dalai
“The whole world knows that we are not seeking separation from China, rather we are demanding for Tibet but the oppressive Chinese government has totally rejected the proposal,” the Tibetan spiritual leader told reporters in Sarnath on Friday.
Asked, whether he had lost hope of a positive response from Beijing, the Dalai Lama said, “yes we have lost hope. But the silver lining lies in the fact that the entire people of China support the Tibetan cause. It is only the people who matter and not the government.”
“The people remain, while the government comes and goes,” the 73-year-old Nobel laureate said.
Asked to clarify, he said that the present “authoritarian” Chinese government was “slowly loosing its ground”.
He hoped that “the day China gets a democratic government, the legitimate dream of Tibetan people for meaningful autonomy shall be fulfiled.”
He claimed that the misinformation campaign and the iron curtain in China was preventing the common people from knowing the “reality”.
“The unfortunate thing is that the Chinese government is not accepting the reality. Otherwise the Chinese, who know the reality are very much supportive of Tibetan cause,” the Dalai Lama, who was here on a 10-day religious visit, said.
“But the problem is the misinformation campaign and the iron curtain like censorship in China which prevents most of the common people from knowing the reality,” the Dalai said.
He said that “(China’s) present day authoritarian government is getting thinner and thinner.”
Since March-2008 when anti-China protests erupted in Tibet, he claimed more than three hundred articles have been written by the Chinese Intelligentsia and other important people which are “very, very supportive” of the Tibetan cause.
He said that as and when the people of China come to know about the reality they become supportive of the Tibetan people. “My faith in the Chinese people has been ever growing,” he added.
“If democracy comes to China, Tibetans can get their rights very easily. As the things become clear common men themselves will question the morality of the Chinese government,” the leader said.
To a question, he said that the Tibetan people had submitted a proposal for autonomy under the Chinese constitution’s provisions for the minorities but still it was outrightly rejected by Beijing.
Giving an example of the people support, he said, “after the Tiananmen square crackdown in 1989 I met several students and professors of China at Harvard University during a lecture and I myself found that all of them supported our views on the Tibetan autonomy.”
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