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SundanceFest Digest: Human rights star

January 21, 2009

Ben Winslow blogger | Jan. 19, 2009
Where else but Sundance will people stand in line to get the autograph of a political prisoner?
I caught the Sunday screening of Ngawang Choephel's documentary "Tibet In Song," about his attempt to document traditional
Tibetan folk music that landed him an 18-year sentence in a Chinese prison for espionage. He was freed after 6 years thanks
to his mother, who led an international campaign to demand his release.
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The soft-spoken Choephel fielded a number of questions from the audience about how he got the footage he did (he smuggled a
series of tapes to India before being arrested), and how his mother is doing (she's fine and in India). He urged people to
get involved in the campaign for a free Tibet.
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