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Chinese-EU relations start improving - Czech official

January 21, 2009

Czech Happenings - Pragues
29 January 2009
Beijing - Relations between the EU and China have started to improve, Czech deputy foreign minister Tomas Pojar, whose country holds the six-month EU presidency, indicated today after a meeting with his Chinese counterpart Li Hui in Beijing, Reuters agency reported.
The Czech Republic assumed the presidency from France on January 1.
The EU-Chinese relations cooled down after a meeting between French President Nicolas Sarkozy and Tibetan Dalai Lama last year.
"Those talks were very friendly, very open, very detailed," Reuters quoted Pojar as saying after the meeting with Li Hui today.
Pojar also said his meeting was more promising, Reuters reported.
"It was a good atmosphere, open, correct and fair, but we were openly debating issues where we do not have the same stance," Reuters quotes Pojar as saying.
Pojar and Li Hui discussed Tibet and human rights, as well as Afghanistan, the Gaza Strip Gaza and other world crisis areas, Reuters wrote.
The relations between China and the EU sharply deteriorated in late 2008 when Sarkozy, as a president of the EU-presiding country, met Dalai Lama whom China calls a separatist provoking unrest in Tibet.
Beijing cancelled the planned EU-China summit over the meeting.
Czech Prime Minister Mirek Topolanek also met Dalai Lama last December.
Nevertheless, last week agencies reported about a statement by Czech Ambassador to China Vitezslav Grepl, saying Prague would take a more reserved approach to Dalai Lama during the Czech EU presidency in the first half of 2009.
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