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Dalai Lama is usual happy self, teaching peace & joy in football stadium

May 4, 2009

L. Steven Sieden
The Examiner
May 3, 2009

Just as was the case when he spoke to 55,000 here
in Seattle last year, the sun was shining in
Foxborough, MA when the Dalai Lama walked into
the stadium.  In both instances, the weather
shifted from dreary rain to sunshine just in time for his outdoor appearance.

Not that a bit of rain would have dampened either
crowd.  A huge diverse group always shows up when
he is speaking, and Massachusetts was no exception.

After sitting down, he once again demonstrated
his status as "a simple monk" and a crowd pleaser
by donning a Patriots cap.   Then the fifteen
thousand plus attendees cheered as he put on the
cap. And as usual, he spoke of our innate rights
saying, "Everyone has the same right to achieve a happy life."

This was the Dalai Lama's first trip to the
Gillette Stadium, and Robert Kraft, who sat near
the front, allowed the use of Gillette rent-free
for the event, which raised an estimated $440,000
for construction of a Tibetan heritage center in Boston.

Speaking as an ordinary human on another trip to
the Boston area he said, "When I previously came
here my body as a human body was complete.  Last
year gall bladder created some problems so finally is was removed."

May we all be as joyous and open as His Holiness.
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