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Free Tibet calls on European Union to defend Tibetan's rights

May 17, 2009

Asia News (Italy)
May 15, 2009

For the 26th Dialogue with China on Human Rights,
pro-Tibet groups invite the EU to enquire about
the recent sentencing to death of Tibetans and the unofficial 1,000 detainees.

Dharamsala (AsiaNews/Agencies) "The European
Union must clearly condemn China’s persecution of
Tibetans.  Marking the 26th edition of Dialogue
with China on Human Rights, ongoing in Prague,
the rights group Free Tibet (Ft) has asked
European leaders to take a clear stand on the
issue and to use the forum to ask for concessions
in favour of the people of Tibet.China’s campaign
of persecution in Tibet has been stepped up in
recent months.  For over a year now more than
1,000 detainees, arrested during the March 2008
protests, have been held in prisons.  Recently 5
Tibetans wee condemned to death accused of having
set fire to areas in Lhasa during the protests.Ft
is asking the EU to press Beijing over the
reasons behind these sentences and for a list of
names and the whereabouts of the 1.000 Tibetans
detained as well as for an International
commission to be set up to investigate the 2008
protests and the manner in which the trials were held.

Stephanie Bridgen, Ft director, observes that
"With access to justice and the rights of
defendants on the agenda, EU officials have a
vital opportunity to state their firm opposition
to the death sentences recently imposed on five
Tibetans," "imposed in courts closed to independent observers."
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