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HP Vidhan Sabha Speaker visits Tibetan Parliament-in-Exile

May 20, 2009

China's occupation of a weaker and peaceful
nation like Tibet is not right, says Himachal
Pradesh Vidhan Sabha speaker Shri Tulsi Ram.
By Phurbu Thinley
May 18, 2009

Dharamsala, May 18 -- Speaker of the Himachal
Pradesh Vidhan Sabha (Legislative Assembly) Shri
Tulsi Ram paid a private visit to the Tibetan
Parliament-in-Exile here this afternoon.

Ram was received by the Deputy speaker of the
Tibetan Parliament Mrs Gyari Dolma and other
standing committee members of the parliament.

"I have been here in Dharamsala in the past, but
I have not been able to visit the Tibetan
Parliament," Ram said thanking the Tibetan parliamentarians for the reception.

During at the Tibetan parliament n informal
meeting, Gyari Dolma urged the HP speaker to
revive the Himachal Pradesh Legislative Forum for
Tibet, a support forum constituted by the state
legislative assembly in August 2006.

He assured the Tibetan parliamentarians of his
full support in continuing and strengthening the legislative forum for Tibet.

Responding to a media query, Ram said China’s
occupation of Tibet was not at all acceptable.

"China’s occupation of a weaker and peaceful
nation like Tibet is not right. China should not
have done that and such an unjustified aggression
is not acceptable at all” Ram said.

"It is my hope that our Indian Government will
continue to extend all the assistance and support
needed by Tibetan people," he added.

"Shri Tulsi Ram has always shown great interest
on Tibet issue and is a long time supporter of Tibetan cause," Dolma said.

"Besides, Himachal Pradesh is home to our
(Tibetan) government and there is naturally a
special bond between Tibetan people and the
government and people of this state,” Dolma added.

Dharamsala in Himachal Pradesh is the base for Tibet’s Government in exile.
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