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"On my part, I remain committed to the process of dialogue. It is my firm belief that dialogue and a willingness to look with honesty and clarity at the reality of Tibet can lead us to a viable solution."

Tibetans will never recognize Dalai Lamas appointed in Beijing: Tibetan public figure

June 29, 2009

Moscow, June 26, Interfax - Tibetan musician and public figure Loten Namling
believes people of this Chinese autonomous district will never agree to live
with the newly-adopted decree saying that Beijing officials should approve
the candidate to Dalai Lama.

"Tibetan people will never recognize Beijing appointee. The boy chosen in
China will have a joyless life. Tibetans will treat him bad because he will
become an instrument of Chinese authorities. In spite of a new rule
introduced by Chinese authorities, Tibetans recognize only acting Dalai
Lama," Namling said in an interview published by Nezavisimaya Gazeta daily.

He noted that after death of the acting spiritual leader of Tibetans, they
"in compliance with decisions taken by the Tibetan government in exile, will
elect his successor."

As to tense relations between Chinese authorities and Tibetan population,
Namling expressed an opinion that "protest feelings can potentially result
in establishing groups advocating violence, even ready to resort to terror."

According to him, Dalai Lama tries to prevent such an outcome.

"Thanks to his sermons, to his influence, our youth support peaceful means
of fight. His Holiness speaks for peaceful coexistence of Tibetans and
Chinese people. He doesn't urge Tibet to separate from China. Dalai Lama
doesn't have any secret program as Chinese propaganda claims. His slogan is:
let us live as directed by our cultural traditions and adhere to our
religion," Namling said.
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