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Tibetans Detest China's Indoctrination Campaign; 2 Seriously Hurt in Clashes in Eastern Tibet

July 10, 2009 - Friday, July 10 2009

Dharamshala: At least two Tibetans were seriously injured in clashes with
Chinese security forces on 27 June, which ensued when a group of around
twenty Tibetans tried to block the forces from taking into custody of two
Tibetan officials tasked with carrying out patriotic education campaign at
monastery in eastern Tibet, reliable sources in Tibet reported.

China's patriotic education campaign involves forcing the Tibetans to
denounce their spiritual and temporal leader, His Holiness the Dalai Lama,
whom they deeply revere as sun and moon. One of the main causes that sparked
the peaceful protests across the Tibetan plateau in March 2008 was years of
pent-up resentment against the denunciation of His Holiness the Dalai Lama
carried out by the Chinese government.

Chinese forces came to arrest two Tibetan officials, identified as Gyurmey
Gonpo and Gyaltsang Dorjee, on charges of dereliction of duty, after the
concerned government department found that the patriotic education was only
in name and not a single monk was at Taklung monastery. The monastery is
under the jurisdiction of Pema and townships in Jomda County in Chamdo

The two officials belong to Pema Township.

Local Tibetan residents confronted with the security offices when they were
taking the two Tibetan officials towards Kyabche monastery, resulting in a
clash. Several Tibetans were injured, among which Norlha, aged 47 and Gonpo
Dhargye, aged 44 sustained serious injuries and their whereabouts are still

Six Tibetans - Mutsatsang Tseten; Richung Nyidrak; Samphel Norbu; Oyo
Tsering; Jampa and Ga Ge - were arrested by Chinese security forces
stationed at Kyabche monastery for the last one month.

Following the arrests, residents of Norma Ruwa and Pema Me gathered in large
numbers and demanded the release of all those who were arbitrarily arrested.
The Chinese forces responded by hitting the protesters with guns and batons.

The Chinese authorities summoned the head of the each family from Nedo
village to denounce His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Gyalwang Karmapa and Kyabje

On 29 June, when the Chinese authorities demanded a piece of land near Jophu
monastery, they met strong protest from around 500 Tibetans who shouted
slogans, following which a large contingent of security forces came to stop
the protesters.

Moreover, a group of monks from Nedo, Terton and Gyune monasteries were
forced to carry guns and photographed with Chinese security forces.

The Tibetan residents and monastic communities in Jomda County are
undergoing repression and constantly harassed by the Chinese authorities.
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